Unfortunately for those of us living here, Las Vegas is known as a party town. Because of this, the local law enforcement are on constant vigil for drunk drivers to reduce the number of traffic accidents and deaths. The problem is that often the zeal of police officers results in innocent people being arrested for DUI. For most people, the common thought is that they cannot beat a DUI charge, especially in the face of a breathalyzer test. This simply is not true.

Each DUI is a unique case that a qualified DUI Defense Attorney can help you navigate. There are several angles of attack that can yield a not guilty verdict or a very favorable negotiation with the prosecution. One such example would be medical conditions of the driver.

Several medical conditions can affect every aspect of the prosecution’s case. For example, Gastroesophageal reflux disease can cause an elevated Blood Alcohol Content (“BAC”) reading. This is a strong defense against a failed breathalyzer test.

Secondly, each of the Field Sobriety Tests can easily be failed due to anxiety disorders, vertigo, back injuries or countless other medical conditions that would affect your ability to maintain physical coordination during the stress of a the circumstances.

These are just a few of the ways to the many ways to fend off a guilty verdict in a DUI case. Please consult with a DUI Defense Attorney to best defend your rights!

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