This can be tougher to find out than you might expect.  If you don’t know, the person to ask is your surgeon.  Your surgeon’s office should have records from the surgery that identify the specific implant you received.  Usually, the operative report will have stickers — called “peel-n-sticks” — that the surgeon can peel off of the device’s packaging and stick onto the operative report.  These stickers should not only identify the make and model of the device, but also the product code and lot number for your device.  With that information, you ought to be able to determine where and when the device was manufactured and where it was stored before being implanted.

Sometimes the operative report does not identify your device.  At that point, it may be necessary to determine whether any product representatives from orthopedic companies came to the surgeon’s office to assist with preparation for the surgery.  Or , a product representative may have delivered the device to the hospital shortly before the surgery.  And, of course, if your device has to be removed, your surgeon will be able to tell you what device you received when it is explanted.



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