Unfortunately, the number of cyclists and pedestrians struck by automobiles every year is in the tens of thousands. (See www.pedbikeinfo.org) And, as anyone who watches the news in Las Vegas knows, pedestrians and cyclists getting hit by cars is all-too-common. The injuries pedestrians and bicyclists can sustain in these collisions can range from minor to very serious and even death.

Proving fault in bicycle or pedestrian crashes with a car can be very challenging. There may factors that weigh heavily on who is at fault, such as bike paths, the lighting at the time of the collision, crosswalks, and much more. Of course, every case involves unique circumstances and must be evaluated according to its specific facts.

Common Situations Involving Bicycle Collisions

With each of these scenarios, the common thread is that drivers simply are not paying enough attention to their surroundings, nor are they on the lookout for cyclists. Of course, bicycles weigh far less than vehicles and cyclists can suffer serious injuries even when the vehicle is traveling at low speed.

Bike Rear-ended: Cyclists can be rear-ended when vehicle drivers fail to pay attention.

Door hits biker: Where a driver a passenger opens the door toward the street and hits an oncoming cyclist.

Drivers hitting cyclists while turning: A driver turns a corner without realizing there is a cyclist approaching or in close proximity to the car.

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