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If you received a DePuy ASR or ASR XL Hip Implant, you should consider contacting Hamilton Law to discuss your legal rights.  In August of 2010, DePuy recalled these products after studies indicated the implants were failing at remarkably high rates within five years of implantation. These failures include loosening of the implant, dislocation, misalignment, and, in some cases, fracture of the implant. And, studies have found that the ASR Hip implants can shed metallic debris into patients’ hip joints and cause serious infections known as “metallosis.” This infection can lead to severe inflammation, cysts, tissue death, and bone loss.

As a consequence of these implant failures, many patients have suffered intense pain for a prolonged period of time, and have been unable to lead their normal lives. In addition, many patients will be forced to undergo complicated surgeries to replace the device. These replacement surgeries, known as revision surgeries, typically are more difficult on the patient than the initial implant surgery because they involve removing all or part of the previous implant.  Consequently, patients typically need more time to recover after revision surgery than their primary implant surgery.

Perhaps most troubling, there is mounting evidence that DePuy continued marketing and selling these implants after the company knew the implants were failing. For example, Dr. Stephen Graves, director of the Australian medical device registry, was quoted in a March 10, 2010, New York Times article as saying that “data had been showing for some time that the ASR had been failing early at a significantly higher rate than some competitors’ devices.” Indeed, the Food and Drug Administration had received numerous reports that the implants had been failing early. Even the implant’s co-designer, Dr. Thomas P. Schmalzried, has acknowledged that he and DePuy had learned within the last two years that the ASR hip implant might be more challenging to implant than competing devices.  All in all, there are serious concerns as to whether DePuy knew a significant portion of these hip implants would fail, but nevertheless continued selling them.

If you have been affected by the ASR Hip Implants, you may be entitled to compensation – in some cases, substantial compensation. Contact Us today for a FREE case evaluation.

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