This page is dedicated to reporting information about settlements related to suits against Stryker for defective metal-on-metal hips.  The overwhelming majority of cases against Stryker will undoubtedly settle before trial.  This is not only true of litigation with orthopedic implant manufacturers, but of civil litigation in general.  As the Stryker litigation proceeds, we will continue to update this page with as much information as possible.

Litigation with Stryker is in its earliest phase, so there is very little to report at this time.  That said, we can say what factors a fair settlement offer from Stryker ought to take into account based on other medical device litigation.  A fair settlement value for your Stryker lawsuit ought to take into account at least the following factors: 1) the amount of your medical bills; 2) the amount of income you have lost as a result of injuries from the defective implant; 3) whether you have suffered from metal toxicity or metallosis; 4) the date you received your implant, i.e., was it after Stryker knew that the device was defective;  5) your pain and suffering related to the device’s failure — this factor should take into account whether you are able to obtain relief from a replacement device; 6) the fact that you have to undergo another surgical procedure due to the device’s failure; and 6) the failure mode of your implant.

The value of any case is dependent on the particular facts of the case.  The factors above are by no means the only factors that should be considered in a given case.  Rather, they are just a starting point.


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